Mark Simkin

I am a PhD student in the Cryptography and Security Group under the supervision of Ivan Damgård and Claudio Orlandi at Aarhus University.


Stronger Leakage-Resilient and Non-Malleable Secret-Sharing Schemes for General Access Structures

In Submission | Divesh Aggarwal, Ivan Damgard, Jesper Buus Nielsen, Maciej Obremski, Erick Purwanto, Joao Ribeiro, Mark Simkin | [ePrint]

The Communication Complexity of Threshold Private Set Intersection

In Submission | Satrajit Ghosh and Mark Simkin

Oblivious RAM with Small Storage Overhead

In Submission | Michael Raskin and Mark Simkin | [ePrint]

Yet Another Compiler for Active Security or:
Effcient MPC Over Arbitrary Rings

CRYPTO 2018 | Ivan Dåmgard, Claudio Orlandi, Mark Simkin | [ePrint]

Continuously Non-Malleable Codes with Split-State Refresh

ACNS 2018 | Antonio Faonio, Jesper Buus Nielsen, Mark Simkin, Daniele Venturi | [ePrint]

Compact Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Small Hamming Weight

PKC 2018 | Ivan Dåmgard, Ji Luo, Sabine Oechsner, Peter Scholl, Mark Simkin | [ePrint]

Functional Credentials

PETS 2018 | Dominic Deuber, Matteo Maffei, Giulio Malavolta, Max Rabkin, Dominique Schröder, Mark Simkin

Efficient Unlinkable Sanitizable Signatures from Signatures with Rerandomizable Keys

PKC 2016 | Nils Fleischhacker, Johannes Krupp, Giulio Malavolta, Jonas Schneider, Dominique Schröder, Mark Simkin | [ePrint]

Nearly Optimal Verifiable Data Streaming

PKC 2016 | Johannes Krupp, Dominique Schröder, Mark Simkin, Dario Fiore, Giuseppe Ateniese, Stefan Nürnberger | [ePrint]

VeriStream - A Framework for Verifiable Data Streaming

FC 2015 | Dominique Schröder and Mark Simkin

Ubic - Bridging the Gap between Digital Cryptography and the Physical World

ESORICS 2015 | Mark Simkin, Dominique Schröder, Andreas Bulling, Mario Fritz

WebTrust - A Comprehensive Authenticity and Integrity Framework for HTTP

ACNS 2014 | Michael Backes, Rainer Gerling, Sebastian Gerling, Stefan Nürnberger, Dominique Schröder, Mark Simkin



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